Imagine if we put the 'crazy' in crazy golf ...


And you have to imagine it. Because we're just a normal golf course with a normal kiosk that sells normal kiosk stuff. However, we do offer a few other things that you might enjoy. And even if you don't enjoy them, you can sometimes pay a bit less not to enjoy them.

Nomen est Omen:
Free crazy golf.
Good, clean fun:
An 18-hole knees-up.

Everybody knows the situation: You've just got married and have a couple of hours to kill before the sit-down meal and the speeches start.


Then come and play a round of crazy golf.


Weddings, birthdays, farewells, retirement, divorce - you wouldn't believe what you can celebrate on a crazy golf course. 


Give us a call on 0176 / 35 75 75 65 or send us an e-mail.


Oh, a word of advice for people organising stag/hen parties: We're the wrong address. Far too boring.





Do you know your own name? If you can answer this question with 'Yes', then you're in with a chance of winning a free round of crazy golf.


Almost every day, we have Name of the Day. On the board in front of the kiosk, you'll find a forename. Everybody with that forename gets 18 holes for free.


We won't necessarily ask you to prove what your name is. If we've got our doubts - when you're a 12-year-old boy, for example, and you insist that you're called 'Samantha' - we might make you dance your name eurythmically before you get your free round.

It's all happening here:
Chef mit Pizza
For a fistful of cents:
Happy Hour.

In front of our hut, there's a massive beer garden. We want to turn this ocean of tables and benches into a veritable al fresco sports & leisure experience centre. Which is why we occasionally organise special events.


Granted, up till now, these events have consisted solely of sporadic barbecues on dry Sunday afternoons in winter (but, to our credit, we have a local grillmaster with an excellent reputation and, more significantly, his own apron). In future, however, we intend to do other stuff, culinary and non-culinary alike. Currently on the table are plans for a quiz (with prizes, of course) and something rather vague (and rather disturbing) involving the proprietors playing a child's recorder, or something like that.

"Every man is the architect of his own fortune". Errr, no, he isn't. If he were, he'd win the Lottery every week.


One instance where it does apply, however, is when you play 18 holes of crazy golf during the Happy Hour. Friends of the dimpled ball who start playing on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays between 11:00 am and 12:00 noon pay the reduced rate.


No queues, no bother, no stress. Try as we might, we can think of no better way to get the day off to a perfect start.